2 June 2014

Book Review - Decorate with Flowers by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

"It is our heartfelt desire to bring you a fresh approach to decorating with flowers through this book, and to remove the intimidation that is typically associated with floral design.

I love this book - it's full of inspirational and creative ideas on using flowers in your home and you'll find over 150 images with beautiful flower arrangements.

"A few delicate blooms in even the simplest of vessels can add a dramatic statement to any room. Don't stress over crafting the perfect  bouquet; often a stem, or a small bundle is all that is needed." 

Every week I create lots of different flower arrangements for my blog and also hopefully inspiring people to be creative with flowers and make their own arrangements. I'm always happy when I find new and creative ways to display flowers and this book does just that!  

"Step-by-step-project - Tied Posy Arrangement - You will need: bud vase, a focal flower, six or seven secondary flowers in various colours and sizes, a ribbon."

The book is written by Holly Becker of the blog decor8 and Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint. Both super talented ladies in both the blogging and design world.

"When you have enormous heavy blooms like these dahlias, it can be more than enough to group them together without adding anything else. Keeping the stems long, we place them in a crackled glass vase for an effortless and airy look." 

This review is made up of pictures from the book and short quotes by Holly and Leslie. I like the fact that they are telling you in their own words what the book is about.  

"Add contrast in small doses to give a mostly neutral space an unexpected jolt."

It's published by Jacqui Small and the photographs are taken mainly by Leslie Shewring - but there are also photographs by Laure Joliet, Janis Nicolay, Thorsten Becker and Holly Becker.

"We love flowers, and through our work as stylists we frequently bring them into our rooms and vignettes to create a little magic." 

I have used fabrics designed by Leslie as background to my photographs. Her designs are all inspired by living in Paolo Alto in Southern California and are produced by Cloud 9 Fabrics

"Shallow, ceramic bowls are transformed into a must-try centrepiece when filled with fragrant blooms and herbs (we love mint!)."

This is a book to thoroughly be inspired by - each of the eight themed chapters has dozens of flower arranging ideas as well as a step-by-step project and some lovely entertaining ideas.   

Happy Floral Reading!

See you soon again!

xoxo Ingrid


Georgianna said...

Wonderful review, Ingrid! Such a great collaboration between Leslie and Holly and the use of Leslie's fabrics is a brilliant touch.

Hope you are well. Wishing you a lovely week!


Lisa Gordon said...

What a wonderful collaboration!!
Everything here is simply magical. xo.

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